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edward park

“Like a photograph – I develop from the negative….” Edward Park, born November 25th 1978 in Hononolulu-Hawaii, is a passionate photographer and trainer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

After being in the management business for over 7 years he finally found his passion for photography coincidentally when he started taking pictures of friends with a camera and retouching with photoshop. He received many positive reactions to his work and decided to concentrate on photography entirely.

In the beginning he successfully started to build up his career by gaining attention at popular events and clubs in Frankfurt such as Cocoon Club, Wild Obsession, Jet-Club and also on well known festivals such as Green and Blue, Love Family Park…. Although still being booked on many popular clubs and events, he primarily masters and mostly concentrates on working in the fields of fashion, landscapes, architectures and products etc..

Many agencies (model managements, entertainment agencies, etc.), fashion designers and famous labels are working very closely with him. His international clients include companies like Ralf Lauren, Armani, Hugo Boss, Fashion Weeks, Fashion TV, Paul Mitchell and other renowned brands and designers.

Besides all that he also holds a couple of workshops, sharing his years of experience and his point of view with his students. His work receives a lot of attention, it’s even sometimes a little bit controversial. Nevertheless it’s a variety of beauty which he catches just at the perfect moment...


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